Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I'm Wearing - Autumn Delight

- What I'm Wearing - 

Vintage Silk Skirt - Portobello Road Market {London}
White Turtleneck - Secondhand 
Cream Ruffle Tank - Gap Outlet
Brown Belt - Maurices
Orange Scarf - Target
Black Boots - Bass Shoes Outlet
Pearl Earrings - Gift


I forgot to mention in my last outfit post that this week is WIFD on a sewing board I'm on. What does WIFD stand for? It stands for Week In Feminine Dress. So you will be seeing a whole bunch of outfit posts this week. =) 

Also, how does the blog run now? Does it move any faster? 



  1. Great outfit! Love the colors and how everything coordinates. The boots are really cute!

  2. I love your belt!!!! I have been looking for a waist belt for a while and yours is exactly what I want mine to be except in black!
    p.s. your blog is runnging faster but its still pretty slow :(

  3. Very pretty and modest!:) I like the skirt and scarf the best! I wish every one dressed like you do! God bless!

  4. That scarf is fabulous!
    And yes, the blog is much faster now.


  5. Lovely outfit! I adore the skirt! So 'fall'! And yes, the blog moves much faster (and I'm on dial up so that says alot!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog: Check out my latest outfit!

  6. That is such a pretty outfit- I love the colour of the scarf, and how it matches the tree perfectly ;) The blog looks lovely. :)

  7. BEAU-TEE-FULLLLLLLLLLL! Love your outfit! The skirt s.c.r.e.a.m.s. fall! Or, autumn, rather...since it's from England. :D

    Yes, Bramblewood loads faster, but still slow...still getting the "want to stop running script?" window.

    Thankyou for your consideration!


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