Saturday, November 20, 2010

Half-Price Book Sale Findings

Well, yesterday was our library's half-price day. So of course, we went. I found even more treasures! Some of what I bought will be featured as scans on my other blog: A Girls Guide to Home Life.  =)

1. Christmas Carols and Hymns (1959) Piano Songbook - I bought this for Gabrielle as I can't read a note. 2. Sabrina (1954) VHS - I can't wait to see this movie with Audrey Hepburn & Humphrey Bogart! =)

1. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (1867) - I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the copyright on this book, 1867!!! This is the oldest book I own personally. 2. Familiar Quotations (early turn of the century 1900s) - I love looking at books filled quotes and this is one of my favorites.

 1. When We Were Very Young by: A. A. Milne ( 1927) - A fun collection of poems by A. A. Milne, the author of Winnie-the-Pooh. 2. The Book of Good Manners by: Frederick H. Martens (1923) - One can never have too many etiquette books and I have several. ;-)

 1. The Five Little Peppers by: Margaret Sidney (1950) - This was one of my series during my teen-years, well they still are. =) Have any of you read this wonderful series?  2. All-Of-A-Kind-Family Downtown by: Sidney Taylor (1972) - Another favorite series of mine. I think what I like about this series and the Peppers is that we are like both families. =)

1. Color Me Beautiful by: Carole Jackson (1984) - I've seen my friends talk about this book and I have wanted to learn about people's seasons - including my own. 2. Collection of Crocheting Patterns pulled from magazines and booklets (1940s - 50s) - Two file folders filled with crocheting patterns for only $1!!! What a deal! Now, I just need to learn how to read these patterns as I know how to crochet.

1. LOOK Magazine (December 26, 1944) - A fun Christmas edition. It includes a review of one of my WWII movies, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. And just have lots of fun pictures of the era. Some of you might recognize the magazine name from an episode of I Love Lucy.

1. Woman's Day (September & October 1954)  & Every Woman's (August & October 1954) - Both magazines are filled with how-to's, recipes, fashion articles, adds, stories, and lots of fun vintage stuff!

1. Family Circle (August 1954) - Another fun vintage magazine.

I can promise you that, there won't be another book sale post for awhile. =)



  1. I love "Sabrina"! It's a great movie.

    I also love that sweet little book of poems by A.A. Milne! I've been trying to collect his books lately (though mine aren't lovely old editions :).


  2. Sabrina is one of my favorite movies. ^^
    & I love the Five Little Peppers! That's always been one of my favorite series.

  3. Sabrina is one of my favorite movies as well! You will adore it. I have it on DVD somewhere but sadly misplaced it. Fun fact: Carey Grant was originally slated to play Humphrey Bogart's character (Linus Larrabee), but dropped out just two days before principle shooting began.

  4. Thanks for sharing! :) We have three of the "Little Peppers" books too and they are one of our favorites!

  5. OH these look like great finds...I have some old books and magazines myself...Today I found two Singer sewing machine for clothes and the other for household a yard sale. They were published one in 1940 and the other in 1943...and only $0.50 cents each. You can post more about your book sale finds if you want's always fun to read about treasures that people find :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. I love finding good books on sale! Did you ever see my blog post on this topic?

  7. Hello Ashley and Gabrielle! I just stumbled across your blog {and I'm now following}. I love finding old books at sales like that! I have read the Five Little Peppers series, and I love it! I also *love* Sabrina {as I have an obsession with Audrey Hepburn}. I can't wait to read some of your lovely blog posts!



  8. What fun! Wish I could stumble across a sale like that; our library is having a sale now, but it's all not-so-interesting books. :(

    I love "The Five Little Peppers"! :) Glad to find somebody else who does, too. :) ...Oh, and you'll love the "Color Me Beautiful" book. :) I have the second book of "Color Me Beautiful" out of the library right now - it goes further into detail, and splits each season up into 3 subcategories. It's funny I should read your blog post mentioning this book, because I just helped my sister find her season this evening. :) Be sure to let us know what season you are! :)

    Well, anyway, have fun with all your goodies!!!!! Which is your favorite?

  9. How fun! I love old books, they look so pretty used as decorations around your home. Love Sabrina especially!


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