Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Sale Findings

This past Friday was a library book sale. Now I for one LOVE book sales! How about you? And I want to share with all of you the treasures I found.

1. Santa Fe Trail VHS - I was so excited to pick up a copy of Santa Fe Trail as I've only been able to see the movie through internet archive. It has Errol Flynn (look they spelled his name wrong on the case), Ronald Reagan, and Olivia de Havilland. This is definitely one of my favorite Errol Flynn movies - I think it is because Ronald Reagan is in it. =)

2. Baedeker's Paris and it's Environs by Karl Baedeker (1907) - After doing some research it seams like this little book is worth some money. Interesting. I picked up the book because it had floor plans of buildings and places in and around Paris. Also because it was old, looked interesting, and provides a peak to the past.

3. Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott (1892) 

4. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott (????) - My mom is reading this aloud for school right now. I thought I would pick up my own copy to read and own. My siblings say it is a wonderful book!

5. The Scottish Chiefs (Early turn-of-the-centry 1900s) - Just one of those books I've wanted to read for awhile now. I can't remember what it is about. I'm thinking it takes place around the King Robert the Bruce & William Wallace era. 

6. Northhanger Abbey by: Jane Austen (1988) - I now own all of Jane Austen's novels - except for her short ones. Hurray! 

7. How to Design Your Own Dress Patterns by: Adele P. Margolis (1959) - This looks like an amazing book on drafting patterns. Plus the designs are for late 1950s, instead of the modern designs that are in my other pattern making books. 

8. History of Costume by: Blanche Payne (1965) - I have the reprinted version of this book and let me say, the original is so much better! Why? It covers more AND has some scaled patterns in the back of the book. This book is/has been one of the textbooks colleges use for the history of fashion.



  1. Those all look like great books! I LOVE book sales! I wish we had more here! Have a great day!( well night i guess)lol..


  2. What great finds! Okay, so as a HUGE Jane Austen fan I must say that this beautiful volume of Northanger Abbey brought momentary tears to my eyes! I love the cover illustration! Does it have any other illustrations throughout the book? Northanger Abbey is my favorite of her novels. Her short stories are fun to read, definitely a must have! :)
    The Scott volumes and The Scottish Chiefs look very interesting too. What great finds! :)

  3. Oh, Scottish Chiefs!! You are right, but it is not just from that time- it is that time. It is the story of Sir William Wallace (I like to say the true story even though some claim it is not; a girl can dream). I could go on and on about that book. I do believe it is my favourite book! My friends probably get tired of hearing about it. I posted a little bit about it on my blog (the very first post). Any way, happy reading!
    Through Christ,

  4. I looove our libraries book sale! I alwasy find ahuge box of books, cds and movies!=)

  5. Awesome! Looks like you found some lovely books. :) I usually don't get a chance to go to my library's book sale, but I have found some pretty amazing old books in Goodwill, including a 1930s copy of "Jane Eyre" with a note written in the front. :)


  6. Oh, I love "Sante Fe Trail"!!!!! That's such a good movie! :P

  7. Oh, I love a good book sale!!! However, I am always a little saddened when I go to library sales, because they are always selling this wonderful classics for dirt cheap! All I can think is "What are they replacing these timeless books with? Because if it's twilight, or some other nonsensical book, I may have to sue.":)

    I'm glad you had such luck, though! What finds those are!! Thank you very much for sharing.


  8. wow! those are some great finds!! I love the library book sales too and finding great vintage books at Goodwill! :)

  9. It has been FAR TOO LONG since I set foot in a Library Book Sale! I do indeed love to pour through and over the numerous bookshelves for tattered treasures too, though. It looks like you found some GREAT finds as far as books go...some I've never even heard of too.

    Hoping you have fun reading and coming up with new sewing patterns, Ashley!

  10. I'm delighted you all share my love of book sales. =)

    OldFashionedCharm - No. The book doesn't have any more illustrations. I wish it did.

    Lady Helen Mar - Oh! I can't wait to read it now!!! I'll have to check out your post. :)

    Erin - I know what you mean. There are so many people at the sales that don't know how good these old books are. :)

  11. Oh, I LOVE library book sales as well!!! :) You'll really enjoy 'Ivanhoe' and 'Northanger Abbey'; I have read both several times and enjoyed them better each time! :) Scottish Chiefs is a great story as well; we have one newer copy and I've been looking around for some copies for my little brothers but haven't been able to find them. Thank you for reminding me to check at the next book sale, and for sharing your delightful finds!!!

  12. So not fair--I still am missing Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park from Jane Austen's finished novels. I ADORE Northanger Abbey and book sales :)


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