Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Wore | Maid Marian Inspired

-What I'm Wearing -
Jean Pencil Skirt - Made by me
Tan Empire Waist Shirt - Kohl's
White Tank - JCPenny
Brown Belt - Maurices 
Black Boots - Bass Shoe Outlet
Scarf - Target
Leaf Earrings - AmandaBeth Boutique

Today's outfit has a certain woodsy feel to it. Which is great! For when I was putting together my outfit last night, I based my whole outfit around my new leaf earrings from AmandaBeth. Once I realized the woodsy feel my outfit was creating, I decided that I would go for the Maid Marian look. And you know what? I love this look! I think I will create more Maid Marian looks this coming Fall. =) Speaking about Fall, I have a post coming up about a 2010 Fall Collection that I just love from a designer. So look out for that. =)

You may notice the new toolbar at the bottom the blog. I love it! I first saw it on AmandaBeth Online and decided to add it to Bramblewood. What do you guys think about it? 

Coming up are two fashion events that I'm planning on doing. On August 31st is AmandaBeth Online's Masquerade Online event, which I'm eagerly looking forward too! I'm thinking on either creating an Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit. Or, just create a character out of my many costumes I have already sewn. =) Then on  September 1-15th Hannah at Beauty from Inside, is hosting a Belle's Wardrobe fashion week! Which is so exciting as Belle is my favorite Disney princess. =)

Oh, I will have more pictures from our vacation sometime latter this week. =) 

I guess I could tell you all about my latest sewing project. Um, maybe not yet. =) I will just share the finished product with you all either tomorrow, or Thursday. =) OK. I guess I could give one hint. It is inspired from the store Anthropologie. =)



  1. Love the outfit! It fits you nicely :)

  2. Very nice! Love the top with the belt. =)

  3. Lovely outfit, very chic! Your hair also looks really nice! Did you get it cut recently?

  4. So pretty! I love it and it is very Maid Marian I think. :)

  5. Ashley.
    thats so cute! SIGH I'm not ready for Fall!!!WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'm going to try to get some scarfs incorporated into my outfits this Fall/Winter. When they tried to push them for Summer I'm like, "What?! Who wants more layers than they have to wear?!"
    CRAZY! ~Natasha

  6. Aw, thanks girls! You are all the best. =)

    Miss Laurie - Why thank you! Yes, I did get my hair cut. It was around the end of July. =)

  7. Love this outfit Ashley! Woodsy looks always inspire me too! Yea for fall!

  8. Belle is my favorite Disney princess too! :D ;)

    Lovely outfit! :)

  9. Dreamy... *sigh*

    Love your scarf and earrings especially! :)

    Would look drop-dead gorgeous with a brown skirt, too! Or even a dark khaki...

    The slight wave in the side front of your hairstyle is very feminine and becoming! :)

  10. Kathleen - Oh, a brown skirt that would look lovely! And I have one in my closest. =)

    Thank you, it is a natural wave in my hair. =)

  11. The outfit is lovely...LOVE the earrings..I love fun earrings!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. I can't to look at the post with the new sewing project. The new toolbar at the bottom is pretty cool!!!


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