Thursday, August 19, 2010

California Trip 2010 ❘❘ Day 5 (Ronald Reagan Library & Hollywood Bowl)

On day five our trip we visited the Ronald Reagan Library and attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
We arrived an hour before the Reagan Library opened, so we explored the grounds. And look what we found!? A rabbit!


Recreation of President Reagan's Oval Office.  Did you know that Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans? We saw them everywhere!

Air Force One

 Piece of the Berlin Wall

Dress of Nancy Reagan's

Table set for a State Dinner


President Ronald Reagan's Grave

Hollywood Bowl Sign

The Hollywood Bowl

While I was waiting for the concert to start I took a picture of the Hollywood sign.

The Grand Piano 

The Orchestra tuning up.  
In case you were wondering what we saw and heard, we saw Dudamel conducts Gershwin and Bernstein. You can visit the site here, to see the selections. I will have you know that it was wonderful and so much fun! 


  1. The Ronald Reagan Library is indeed a great place. I want to go back...the only decent president in human memory. I haven't been since he died...I was there about ten years ago last.

  2. Oh fun....I've not been to the Regan library yet or any of that...the photos of the grounds were lovely...even the surprise bunny rabbit :) :)

    I love Gershwin and Bernstein. They wrote some wonderful music!!! yes, I knew that President Regan loved jelly beans...especially Jelly Belly's. In fact, I think that's how the candy became so popular ;) :) :) So good and so many different flavors!!!

    Thanks for sharing these photos. They're really great and makes me feel like I'm there!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Love all the pictures from your trip, Ashley! I have to say though, I'm extra partial to this post. ::smile:: I love Ronald Reagan, and the Hollywood Bowl sounds fantastic. It reminds me of the scene in the movie "It's a Great Feeling"! (Have you ever seen it?)


  4. Enjoying all of the beautiful photos.. looks like you had such a nice time!! :)

  5. Wow! I love the pics!! That Ronald Reagan library looks so neat! I would love to go sometime!!

    Can't wait for more pics, Ashley!!

  6. I saw Dudamel on tv several months ago, I think it was 60 Minutes. Was he as much fun "live" as he looked on the screen?

  7. Glad you all like the pictures. =) More are on their way in the coming days.

    Achaia - No, I haven't seen "It's a Great Feeling". Guess I will have to add it to my list. =) I'm hoping to email you soon.

    Ana - Oh, yes! He kept the whole audience laughing at various parts of the program. Dudamel is definitely one fun conductor to watch. =) Ana, how are you doing?

  8. Hey Ashely!
    Quick question -- I thought I'd ask you since they'd showed up on YOUR blog -- hehehe. You know those little share and reactions buttons? I keep clicking on them to pop up under my posts but they simply will not. Is there some kind of trick to this??
    Fantastic photos, btw! ~*~

  9. Love that speckled roses photo! :)

  10. Anna Olivia - Nope, there is no trick to it - at least for me. I hope you can get it to work on your blog! =)


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