Tuesday, August 31, 2010

California Trip 2010 ❘❘ All the days in one post.

To make this go faster, I decided to just post the rest of my pictures on flickr. I have provided information about each day and links to the pictures below.  =)

Downtown LA

Day  6 (Hollywood) - On day six we visited the Warner Brothers Studio. We took a tour of their studio - which was so much fun! I saw costumes from Casablanca and the piano that Sam plays! This was the highlight of the whole WB costume museum, that I don't remember much else of what was there. Plus, you couldn't take any pictures of the costumes. =(

After the WB tour we visited Hollywood and saw the footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.

You can see pictures from day six here.

Mia Wasikowska’s  “Alice” costume

Day 7 (Shopping Day) - On day seven we first visited FIDM and saw some lovely costumes on display- including costumes from Return to Cranford and the new Alice in Wonderland movie. =) What bliss. As you can not take pictures of the costumes, you will have to look at FIDM's flickr page. =) And don't worry, they have pictures of all the costumes on display.  Alice in Wonderland pictures here. And Costumes from TV Shows here

After FIDM we headed over to the Fashion District to shop at Michael Levine Fabric. They had some amazing knits for only $3 yard! I only bought some brown knit, 3 yards, and now I wished I had bought more in different colors and patterns. As it is so easy to work with. =) Next time I'm in LA I will be buying tons of knit fabric. Well, maybe not tons, but you get the idea. =)

Next we headed over to The Way We Wore a vintage clothing store. This is were I bought my first vintage dress! Oh happy me.

We ended the day by walking on Rodeo Drive and window shopping at all the designer stores. =)

Costume College 2010

Day 8 (Costume College Day 1) - See this post.

Day 9 (Costume College Day 2) - Post coming up. =)

Day 10 (Costume College Day 3) - Post coming up. =)  You can see pictures from Costume College 2010 here


Day 11 (Highway 1 & San Francisco) - We drove up the coast on highway 1 to San Francisco. Saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh, while we were in San Fran, we froze as it was so cold! I felt like winter was coming! Oh my!

Pictures are here.

Me at Yosemite National Park

Day 12 (Yosemite)  - Walked and drove all around Yosemite. Pictures here.

Mule Train on the Bright Angel Trail

Day 14 (Grand Canyon) - On our way back home we stopped at the Grand Canyon again. =) This time the weather was perfect. We even got to walked down a little bit on the Bright Angel Trail. Pictures from today are here.



  1. Just wanted to drop in and say I LOVE your new blog button! B-)

  2. Ashley,
    Thanks for sharing all your pictures! I especially loved the picture of the horses on the trail. What a great shot! I just recently visited Yellowstone National Park with my family so I really appreciate how amazingly beautiful it is out west:) Thanks again!


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