Friday, July 9, 2010

What I Wore | Poodle Skirt

- What I'm Wearing -

Ruffle Tank - Gap Outlet
Poodle Skirt - Made by Me
Blue Belt - Kohl's
Cameo Necklace - Portobello Road Market, London
Penny Loafers - Naturalizer 
Drop Post Earrings - Trifari Kohl's (birthday present from Gabrielle)  
Pearl Headband - Claire's 

I was looking at my old posts yesterday and I realized that, I don't really wear my historical clothing  anymore. Now, before I started this blog, I would wear my historical costumes (1770s - 1900s) all the time! Now, I hardly wear them at all! So I thought, as it was historical costumes that got me into sewing, I should go back to what made me love sewing. =) So don't be surprised if you see me in, lets say, a regency gown sometime soon on the blog. 

What are you all planning to do tonight, or tomorrow? Tonight is camp-out night in our house. Us kids all take turns sleeping in each others rooms, watch movies/old TV shows, eat popcorn (sometimes), and talk to all hours of the night. =) Sound fun? Gabrielle and I, along one of our other sisters are planning on finishing Young Victoria and maybe watch part of Anne of Green Gables (for next week's big event) or Emma (2009). That is, if our favorite baseball team isn't doing good tonight on TV, other wise we may just watch the game. =)   



  1. That skirt is so cute! I had a pink jumper with a little poodle on it when I was little, and just loved it! =)


  2. Can you let me know what you think about the Youn Victoria movie? I've been wanting to see it and haven't been sure if it something I should even bother with!

    That poodle skirt is too cute on you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue! Its so deep and beautiful!

    I'm going to be quite busy today, tommorrow and here on! My grandparents are coming in, Sat, my sister and I are going to a festivl, Sunday we have church, a potluck and a three bapstisms at my house! And ontop of all that, I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOO WARM!!!!!!!!!! ITS CRAZY HOT HERE! ( for me)

  3. What an awesome skirt! And the blues all go together so well. You look great! I hope I can come up with something for Anne of Green Gables Week. I stinkin' LOVED those books growing up.

  4. Nothing like returning to the classics. BEEEEEEEEautiful skirt.

  5. How fun! Love the idea of taking a "pet" for about a skunk skirt? That's something I'd love to try!!! Skunks have such a glamorous, classy look, it's a pity nobody uses them much.

  6. The skirt is really pretty! I made a poodle skirt a few years ago for a history project for school... maybe I'll post some pictures of it on my blog :)
    Cute outfit!

    Love in Christ,

  7. Cute skirt! But I gotta say, I want to see the regency gown. Did you make the skirt or the gown? If not, WHERE did you find them??? Very cool!

  8. Me Like!!!
    That is such a cute skirt...
    I love it, looks very good on you!

  9. Thanks everyone, for your sweet comments!

    Samantha - Aww, your poodle jumper sounds adorable.

    Natasha - First off, "Young Victoria" was wonderful! There are a few scenes though were Albert & Victoria (after they are married) are seen in their nightgowns in bed. The scenes are like those seen in "Wives & Daughters" though. You can read a really good review here:

    Sounds like you are super busy this weekend, Natasha! Have fun! =)

    What I Did Today - I hope you do join in the AOGG event! =)

    Kathleen - Ooo, a skunk skirt! How glamorous that would be! It would lovely if they skirt was either, black or white! You are right though, skunks are glamorous and classy!! =)

    Jenny - I made both the skirt and regency gown. For all of my regency gowns I use the patterns at:

  10. Such a cute outfit, Ashley! Your Friday nights sound wonderful! My night consisted of yummy homemade pizza, several good movies, and a late night! We take turns picking out a movie we especially want to see!



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