Saturday, July 17, 2010

AOGG Fashion Week Day 7 | Florals & Pinks

-What I'm Wearing-
White T-shirt - Refashioned by me {link to post}
Pink Floral Skirt - Made by me {skirt pattern I used}
White Tank - JCPenny
Polka-dot Scarf - Target
Brown Wedges - Target
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Hair clip - Walmart 
Anne of Green Gables Apron - Made by me {link to pattern review & how I made it}

Today's outfit is full of feminine details like, flowers, ruffles, polka-dots, pearls, and a literary inspired apron. I think Anne, or Diana would love to wear this outfit, if they lived today. 

Now for the sad news, today is the last day for our fun AOGG week. If you weren't able to link in yours post this week, you will be happy to know that I will keep the mister linky's open until Monday. I will try to post all the entries for voting sometime next Wednesday, or Thursday. And I will announce our winners sometime on the 27th, or 28th. =)     

Now it is your turn to share your last post for this week. Remember, if you don't have a blog, you can upload your pictures on our group flickr, here. Otherwise, link up your post for today, below. =)



  1. Hello Ashley,
    I really like the way you re-fashioned your white short sleeved blouse. It is very classy and far more feminine that way.
    My Anne post today is a topsy turvy doll that I've been working on for a while. Come on over to Hearthside and see this fun doll!
    Your fellow Anne fan,

  2. HI Ashley,
    My name is Heather. I found your blog via LibraryGirl at Hearthside. She's been posting things for Anne of Green Gables fashion week. Oh my goodness, Anne of Gables is only my favorite books and movies in the ENTIRE world. I noticed you are younger than I am ...I'm 36..but, it really delights my heart to see younger girls striving for modesty in their clothes. LOVE THE CLOTHES by the way...veyr nice. I'd wear all ofit ;) :)
    I love Jesus Christ, anything old fashioned, country, rustic, Victorian, Edwardian, romantic, get the idea :) :) In fact, I love the time period that the Anne of Green Gables movies are set in the best. That's my favorite. Did you ever see the Road to Avonlea tv series as well? Very, very good...spinoff of the Anne movies :) :)
    Well, I love the photos of the clothes that you posted here. Very nice!!! Thanks for letting me post here and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. I like your apron. Do you wear aprons while cooking? I'd be afraid to ruin that one. I love the look of aprons, they feel so feminine.

  4. I never did get to do a "modern day Anne" post. :(
    Oh, well. I posted another one in Drama club category. I left a link.

  5. Heather - Your doll is so cute!

    Heather - Oooh, you sound like a kindred spirit! =) Even if we are sixteen years apart, it doesn't matter as we enjoy the same things. =) Glad to meet you! No, I haven't seen "Road to Avonlea." I keep hearing a lot of good about the series, maybe I should go and buy season one, as I don't have library, or movie rental access.

    Stephanie Ann - Yes, I wear aprons while cooking, and cleaning around the house. I wore this apron while baking homemade bread. =)

    Leila - Aw, too bad. =( Off, to see your post for today. =)

  6. I love your scarf and I cannot get over how cute your hair is!

  7. HI Ashley...yes, definitely get the series on DVD...There are 7 seasons...and if you liked the Anne of Green Gables movies, you'll love the series..Season 1 is great...but starting with SEason 2 is when it really became my favorite. It's a good show...very clean and you feel good/uplifted after watching it :) :) I just have a few episodes on VHS...but I want to buy the series on can get it at Sullivan Productions, I'm sure..but you might find it cheaper elsehwere..not sure!! Let me know how you like it once you watch it :) :) I don't rent movies usually and watch little tv..but I do go to the library from time to time. Although lately my time has been taken up with knitting and other hand crafts :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :)

    p.s. excited to meet other "Anne Shirley" fans :) :)

  8. I have posted
    This sure has been a fun idea! Thanks for doing it!

  9. I love the way all of your pinks are like a strawberry-milk color. It's really pretty.

  10. What a cute outfit! And I love your new hairstyle! I looks great on you. =)

    I posted Part 2 of my "Tea Party, Anne Stye" today! I added my link to your link up.


  11. Cute outfit once again! I love the apron, very cute and it looks great with the outfit too!


  12. Hey, Ashley! Sorry I wasn't able to get in any posts for days 6 and 7 - I've been at a friend's house and way too busy to blog. :S This has been so much fun, though!

  13. Love your pretty-in-pink post! :) Too bad Anne couldn't wear it...or thought she couldn' "Anne of Avonlea" (the book) she says "When I get to heaven, I'll want to wear pink for several centuries, since it will take me that long to get tired of it!" :)

    It looks lovely on you, however. :D

    And you inspired me to re-fashion two t-shirts! One is pink.. lol

  14. Kathleen -

    Thanks Kathleen. :)

    How exciting that you re-fashioned two t-shirts! I think it is so much fun to change the design of a t-shirt. That's so funny that one fo them is pink. =)



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