Thursday, July 15, 2010

AOGG Fashion Week Day 5 - Modern Day Anne (Lemonade Delight)

-What I'm Wearing-

Yellow Top - Kohl's
White Tank - JCPenny
White Skirt - Epcot at Walt Disney World
Sandals - Steve Madden Famous Footwear 
Pearl Earrings & Necklace - Gift

Today's outfit is cool and refreshing for a hot summer day. It also features feminine details like ruffles, pearls, and soft girly colors. Making it a outfit that Anne would love to wear, I think if see lived today.    =)

Now it is your turn to share your post for today. Remember, if you don't have a blog, you can upload your pictures on our group flickr, here. Otherwise, link up your post for today, below. =)



  1. Love it, yellow is my favorite! Gorgeous Summer outfit. :)

  2. Adorable! So soft and pretty for summer :)

  3. Very cute outfit!

    I tried to get my link in yesterday, but my computer was having one of its "fits" again! : )
    So here it is! LOL!

    Just in case it doesn't go through.

  4. CCCUUUTTEE! I love that skirt.

  5. Lovely outfit! I especially like the skirt. :-)

  6. I love the look of yellow and white together! Very cute.

    I'm not exactly sure what my entry would go under. "Crafty Anne" is the closest category I suppose...


  7. Hi Ashley!

    I've been a follower for a while, but a silent follower. :) I just wanted to say hi, and I really appreciate your blog. You have such a great sense of modest style! I love it!


  8. PS:
    Oh, and how many posts can I do under each category???

  9. Hello dear!
    I just wanted to let you know that I've been having internet connection problems on my home computer and I'll be really, really behind in all of my Anne posts. :( I'm really sorry! Do I still qualify???

    ~Miss Raquel

    PS: Wonderful outfit!! :D

  10. Raquel - Yes, you still qualify! Just link in your post by Sunday, or Monday. =) It maybe awhile before I get everything all sorted out for voting, as I work next week. You can do as many posts as you want for each category. I can't wait to see your posts, Raquel! =)

    In Christ,

  11. Thanks girls!

    Shaynie - Thanks for coming out and saying, hi! =)

  12. Ashley, I'm not sure if the comment I just left got posted...if it did, then you can delete this one. ;) But I said I love the outfit you have for today, and that my post goes under "Costumes of Anne". :)

  13. Very lovely and summery! I think this would be a perfect outfit to read "yellow-backed novels" (actually a Latin textbook!) like Mr Harrison thought she did in the book "Anne of Avonlea". :)

    Yellow also goes so well with red hair! Especially her shade...the ruddy but not orange color.

    Have you read all the books, or just seen the movie? If you haven't, you might be surprised to know Anne's christmas ball dress was actually warm brown! :) And I think it was made for a school performance.

  14. Thank you for hostessing, Ashley! I'm so glad that you invented this week of Anne-ness. My post today is an Anne recipe, and I promise that tomorrow's post is far more fashion-y!
    --Heather at Hearthside


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