Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AOGG Fashion Week Day 4 - My "Diana" Costume

-What I'm Wearing-
Light Pink Twill Skirt - S&S Patterns: 1909 "Beatrix" Skirt Pattern
Cream Shirtwaist - S&S Patterns: 1909 "Beatrix" Shirtwaist Pattern (You can see the back of my shirtwaist on the pattern page.)
Brown T-strap Heels - Naturalizer
Pearl Necklace & Earrings - Gift

This this outfit is the closest I have ever come to copying one of the costumes in the Anne of Green Gables movies. And even then, it was not on purpose. The fabrics I choose just happened to look a little like those Diana wears in the beginning of Anne of Avonlea.

See, the movie influenced me in my fabric choices and I didn't even realize it until others pointed it out to me. =)

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  1. I think my post for today will go under "Costumes of Anne".

    Your costume is SO Diana!!!

  2. Oh, Ashley, I LOVE it!!! Your shirtwaist looks so much nicer than mine!! What fabric did you use? I am having a hard time knowing what kind of fabric would be most suitable for a Beatrix blouse.

  3. Thank you, Dashwood sisters! =D

    Elinor, I think I used the shirting fabric at Joann Fabrics. Anyways, it was in that area at our Joann's. =)

  4. Oh, Ashley, that's lovely!

    I love the new header too.

  5. Greetings,
    This has been so fun to see all the outfits inspired by Anne....
    Those movies hold very nice memories for me. My grandma owns them and us girl cousins spent hours watching them, while sewing..playing..etc... good times.

    So thank you for doing a series on such a lovely collection of Movies. They realy are classics and some of the BEST movies that girls could least that is what I think...;)

    Lovely outfit by the way...very pretty.

    I must say I think my favorite outfit that Anne Wears is the Cow Chasing dress, or I really glove her "Gibson Girl" pretty.
    Actually, I don't think she wears an outfit I don't like..:)

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Oh my goodness! That's a goregeous costume... very feminine, and yet practical :)

    I wish I could be participating, though. We've extended our vacation since my grandma is having hip surgery... and family comes before blogging.

    Well, keep it up!

  7. I left a post for Modern Anne today.
    Great shirt, I have always loved that shirt ever since you first uploaed pics into the S&S website!=)

  8. My entry would go under "Modern Anne"


  9. Very Diana! :)

    She wore the paler pastel shades when an adult, and the richer colors when a girl. Did you notice that? I really like her "bridge" dress in the first movie, the part where Gilbert is spying on them, remember?

    And HER cow-chasing dress! Too bad it got all muddy.... :D

    Btw, if you wanted a girdle like hers, there is a pattern for it! Lemme check...Simplicity 9723. I got mine a few years back, so I don't know if it's in print now. That same pattern would look pefect for Anne's argument "not your horse" dress! :)

    Love the interpretations so far!

  10. This is really a neat set of blog posts! I love it! How often do you do this? or was it a one time thing?

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. This AOGG Fashion Week was just a series I did back in 2010. I have been thinking about doing it again next summer though. :)


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