Thursday, June 17, 2010

What I'm Wearing | At the Ballpark

-What I'm Wearing-

Pink Tigers Shirt #30 - Lady Slugger Meijer
Jeans - St. John's Bay JCPenny
Sandals - Steve Madden Famous Footwear
Hobo Bag - ? (I don't remember the brand) JCPenny
Tigers Baseball Cap - New Era MLB

These pictures were taken early this morning, right before we left for the game. At the game I received several sunburns on my face and arms. So I am very red right now. :p The game was great though, as the Tigers won!! =) 



  1. Oh... what a cute outfit for the game, Ashley!! I love your bag... too cute! Thanks for posting the pictures! ;-)

  2. Sounds like fun! :-) I really like those jeans!! I always have a hard time finding jeans that aren't too tight. Cute outfit!

  3. Too cute! Your bag looks so comfy...

    Sunburns are so irritating...I tan under mine, but the itchy-peely feeling is awful. :) Especially in the part of your hair...which is worse, rubbing lotion into that, or getting burned there? I'd definitely say getting burned. :P Good idea to wear a hat!

    Glad your team won! :D


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