Saturday, June 19, 2010

Modest Fashion Week | Day 6

-What I'm Wearing-

White Bolero Jacket - Made by me (Vintage Pattern: Advance 5174 [1950s])
White & Red Stripe Tank - St. John's Bay JCPenny
Old Hollywood Jeans - Made by me
Sandals - Steve Madden Famous Footwear
Watch Necklace - Maurices
Flower Headband - Claire's 
Pearl Earrings - Gift

Well, today is the last day of Samantha's Modest Fashion Week. Wow has this week gone by fast! But, it has been lots of fun. Thanks for hosting this event, Samantha! 

Now for some exciting news. Today I bought all the supplies I need to make my own bathing suit! How exciting is that?!?!?! I can not wait to start making it. I also bought fabric for a formal I need this Fall. Now I just need to decided on WHAT my formal is going to look like. AND if I am going to draft my own pattern, or use a ready-made pattern. Any ideas on what I could do for my formal? The color of my fabric is dark purple. And I'm open to any ideas, modern or vintage. 

Well, tomorrow or Monday I'm going to have a surprise for you all on the blog. And no, it isn't the opening of my etsy shop. Still haven't figured out to do for shipping yet. That is the only thing holding me back for opening up my shop. 

Below, I have some pictures that Gabrielle, took that I just have to share with you all. =) What can I say, I am a proud sister. =D


  1. Cute outfit!! I love stripes. :) They are so Summery!

  2. Ashley, how do you find out about these Modest Fashion Weeks? I would like to know when one starts

  3. Thanks, Marie!

    Mariah - Well, I happen to be following their blogs already, or I will see a banner on a blog I follow about a Modest Fashion Week.

    Right now there is Thrifty & Chic Modest Fashion Week going on here:

    And Natasha is hosting one July 1-7th, you can find her blog here:

    In Christ,


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