Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Modest Fashion Week | Day 3

-What I'm Wearing-

Brown T-shirt - St. John's Bay JCPenny
Orange Print Skirt - Made by me (Pattern: Route 66)
Cameo Necklace - Portobello Road Market - London, UK
Bracelet - Maurices 
Sandals - Steve Madden Famous Footwear
Pearl Earrings - Gift

Here it is the third day of Samantha's Modest Fashion Week.  Hasn't it been fun so far? I won't be posting tomorrow as I will be out of town attending a baseball game. I will be in my jeans, one of my favorite players t-shirt, and sandals. Oh, and a baseball cap and sunglasses! Nothing blog worthy, unless you love seeing that kind of look. =) :P



  1. Ashley, you should post your outfit tomorrow! It would be kind of fun!

    I love your cameo necklace!
    And the pattern of your skirt is so cute!

    Thanks for entering my fashion week!
    Have an awesome day, and God bless!

  2. Oh... I love your skirt, Ashley! I think I'll have to look into getting that pattern. ;)

    And I agree with Natasha - you should post your outfit tomorrow!! :)

    ~ Love,

  3. I really like your skirt! And that necklace is beautiful! I love old fashioned things like that. :-)

    I agree you should post your outfit tomorrow! :-)

  4. Gorgeous! The red/white print skirt and brown shirt are stunning together! The bracelets go so beautifully, too...and of course, your new sandals. :)

    Forgot to say this in my last comment...having a very obvious waistline in a blouse counts as a dividing line...even if it's long. Your slightly fitted tee does that. :) Aren't V-necks lovely?

  5. OK, OK, I will think about posting tomorrow's outfit. =) No promises. But I will think about it. Samantha, would you mind if I posted it in your fashion week?

    Lindsay - You would love the "Route 66" skirt pattern. Definitely buy it. =)

    Kathleen - Yes, V-necks are lovely! I just starting wearing them this past year, and I love how they flatter me. =)

  6. Your cameo necklace is just gorgeous! I love how it lends old-fashioned charm to a modern outfit. Just lovely! :)


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