Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Modest Fashion Week | Day 2

-What I'm Wearing-

Flower Blue Skirt - J.Jill (But I bought it at a Talbots Outlet for $5)
Cream Ruffle Tank - Gap Outlet
Cream Cardigan - Gap Outlet
Cameo Necklace - Portobello Road Market - London, UK
Sandals - Steve Madden Famous Footwear (Just bought them today.)

Today is day two of Samantha's Modest Fashion Week.  I had a fairly busy today running errands with my mom and one of my sisters. Which is when I bought the sandals I'm wearing today. =) I love them! I have been on the look out for a pair since last year, but all the ones I like are over $100. I am not paying that much for a pair of shoes. So I was delighted to find these on clearance at Famous Footwear for only $30. =)



  1. I love the skirt! So cool and summer-y looking.


  2. That's a beautiful skirt!!!! Blue and white are my favorite colors. :-) I really like your sandals too!

  3. Wow, I really love your choice of colors and complimenting textures! The lace tank and cameo are gorgeous!


  4. Nice outfit, I especially love the sandals!

  5. Lovely! :) The layered skirts especially!

    Maybe a white top would go better, but cream and blue are definitely compatable! The skirt's color is light enough, I think it needs white. But that's just MY opinion. :D

    I want your sandals, so if they ever go missing, you know who took 'em...not. :D But they are lovely...were there any white ones? I've been hunting for a pretty white pair for years, and have only found clunky, ugly ones. Blah.

    Your cameo necklace is the icing on the cake! Ties it all together.

    Have you ever heard that you should divide your clothing into thirds? In other words, don't cut yourself in half, if you can help it! Have the proportions 1/3 on top, 2/3 on bottom (skirt/pants blouse), or 2/3 on top, 1/3 on bottom (a tunic, maybe?)...but never in half. So tucking in a longer shirt/blouse...even if you wear your cardigan longer...makes for a more graceful and eye-pleasing look. Of COURSE wear a shirt untucked! Just make sure your skirt is long enough to balance it. :)

    Bend this rule...it doesn't have to be a measured-out-ratio!... esp. if your clothing pieces are both shorter...say, a knee length skirt, but it's really important when they are both long.

    And I'll quit so you still have comment room! :D

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Kathleen - Thanks for your nice long comment! I LOVE hearing from my readers and their opinions!

    Guess what?!?!? They come in white too! You can buy them online, or in store at Famous Footwear. =)

    No, I had never heard of that. I am still very new in the field of fashion. I didn't get interested into fashion till Amanda Beth Flynn started her fashion blog at amandabethonline.blogspot.com. And I have been following her blog since day one. =) So I gladly accept any fashion tips, or ideas! =)


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