Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Blog Parade Time!

Rebecca at Sewing in the Past is having a blog parade. And I decided to join in! I am to list ten things that make me happy. So without further ado, ten things that make me happy with a vintage twist (the images). =)

Things That Make Me Happy

 1. Going on vacations with my family across the country. 

2. Having camp-outs (slumber parties)  on the weekends with my brother and sisters. 

3. Listening to Old-Time Radio Shows on my ipod.

4. Doing too many sewing projects at one time. =)

5. Reading a good book that makes me stay up too late. ;-)

6. Eating ice-cream. Any flavor is fine, just about, but mint-chocolate chip is my favorite!

7. Finding wonderful findings at antique malls/stores.

8. Opening up presents and also giving presents to others. I have a hard time keeping presents a secret during Christmas time. I always want to tell everyone what I got them. :P

9. Receiving a new comment and follower on Bramblewood Fashion.

10. Having a tea party! The best part of a tea party? Dressing up of course! =)



  1. How full of hapiness this post is! ;) I love how you used black and white old pictures.


  2. Hmmmm....

    I think I just found my clone. :)

    Except my favo flavor of icecream is vanilla!!!

    And about those sewing honest. Is there really any such thing as too many? :D

    Books that make you stay up late...check.
    Slumber parties...check.
    Radio? Oops, disimilarity there... :D Actually, I don't know...I haven't ever heard any old-time-radio! :)
    Exquisite findings at stores...check.
    Present tribulations....check. I usually tell them to guess, then give too many hints!!!
    New "acquaintance"...check.
    And OF COURSE tea parties!!

  3. Oh these are so cute!! Mint chocolate chip is my favorite too. ^_^

  4. LOVE how you used these old pictures!


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