Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's Inspiring Me | Mary Tyler Moore (1960s)

For the past two months I have been wanting Mary Tyler Moore's wardrobe in the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Look I even made my Valentines dress out of a 1964 pattern. :)

I also love her hair in the flip hairstyle. I want to do it to my hair. But, I think my hair is too long. :) Anyone have tips on how to do the flip?

I think I need to pull out my 1960s patterns and sew me some Laura Petrie inspired clothing. What do you think? ;) 


Do any of you have a favorite TV show or movie character who's wardrobe you love? And would love to own, or make for yourself? Do tell me for I love to hear what inspires you.



  1. I love her wardrobe in that show. I think that its very iconic and classy. I love mary tyler moore anyway ;)
    As for ideas on the "flip" I don't think your hair is too long
    in fact one of the most recognizeable "flip" hairstyles was a longer version worn by Marlo Thomas who starred in the 1960's show "That Girl"! she also had some fabulous wardrobe pieces.. In fact I will be posting a blog on my page about her inspiring fashions ;) here are a couple of links you can check out for her outfits/hairstyle:



  2. Ooo, thanks for sharing Whitney! I have never heard of "That Girl!" and love the pictures you shared. More inspiration for me. :) Looking at her flip, I think it will work for me. If I ever try it I'll post pictures here.

    Once you get your post done let me know. I would love to read it.

  3. No problem Ashley:) If you do try her hair I would LOVE to see it!

    I have finished my post if you would like to see it!

  4. Mary Tyler Moore and Lucille Ball. Love both of their wardrobes! I THINK if you hot roll your hair you could get the wave??? Or just get a roller brush that heats up when you blow dry your hair and use that to flip the bottom up. Also you need to tease your hair at the crown of your head and then of course "brush it down" a bit to tame it. Use a pomamade to get the sheen on the hair. I use the brand Silk. it looks like baby oil but it's not. It just gives your hair a shine and keeps all the strays laying flat.

  5. I absolutely LOVE her wardrobe on that show... come to think of it, I love that show! I was a big fan of the Mary Tyler Moore show too before I turned away from feminism. = )

  6. I LOVE Mary Tyler Moore! What a cutie!

    Oh yeah, and my second cousin (who is also the oral surgeon who has taken out all of our wisdom teeth :) is married to Marlo Thomas' cousin. :)

  7. Oh, Ashley, I LOVE her wardrobe! It's fantastic. I also love the clothes Barbara Hale wears in the Perry Mason shows.

    Vintage clothing is so inspiring to me. I'd love to talk more about it with you sometime! I have this idea for an early 60s summer dress that I want to try really soon!

    love, Achaia

    PS Love the hair flip too! It'd be so fun to try.

  8. Glad you all share my love of the early 60s fashion. It's good to know I'm in good company. ;)

    Jenny - Thanks for those hair tips. Looks like I have to go shopping so I can try out the flip.

    Amanda - That's so cool!

    Achaia - I haven't heard of the Perry Mason show. I'll have to check out Barbara Hale's clothes.

    Ooo, an early 60s summer dress sounds wonderful! If you would like to email me you can at bramblewoodfashion(@)gmail(.)com. Hope to talk to you soon! :)

  9. Hi! thanks for commenting on my blog...

    I totally agree, Mary Tyler Moore's style is to die for! Her hair is amazing!


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