Monday, April 12, 2010

Wellies....a new found love

I have come to love the look wellies. In fact, I found a pair I would love to buy at Target. They are a part of the Liberty of London collection.

Liberty of London at Target  (the pair I love)

Dots Spots - Target

Allison Floral - Target

Zaney Polka Dot - Target

Mod Dot - Target

 Not sure how to wear wellies? Look at these two pictures I found.

Looks like you just wear them with your normal clothes. :) 


Do you like wellies? Do you wear them out and about? Or only on rainy days, or in the garden working? 



  1. Those are just adorable!!
    I don't own any Wellies, but after this post I wish I did!
    They would totally make me want to go play in the rain. =)

  2. I love wellies! I would wear them anytime! (especially when it was raining...) Fun, fun, fun! Those green and white polka dot ones are just too much! Love 'em!

    thanks, Ashley!
    love, Abigail

  3. I find it greatly amusing - those are nothing but barn boots with paint on them! ;) I'm glad you enjoy them. I know rubber boots are SO convenient if the sun is out after a huge shower and you want to walk through the muddy yard. :) (Sidenote: I've never heard the term "wellies" before reading your post.)

  4. i love them!! i don't own any, but I really want a pair, and those liberty ones are so cute.

  5. First off, I'm really loving the Liberty of London for Target goodies! Haven't bought anything yet, but maybe when they go on clearance (yep, I'm frugal=)! I own a pair of robin's egg blue wellies, but I don't wear them as often as I should. Mostly just around the yard if I'm working outside (which isn't very often). I know, I know, I should wear them more! =) Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I like the Liberty of London wellies too :)

  7. I totally voice what Rosebud said.

    I have Barn boots (called gum boots in New Zealand)

    I have owned a pair of boots like those wellies, they leak in and don't last long.....


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