Saturday, April 3, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week - Day 6: Spring is Music to My Ears

Today just smelled like Spring! It rained off and on all day, and I saw my first rainbow of the year. I'm so happy that warmer weather is on its way! Another reason I'm so happy today is that I was able to change my earrings for the first time day! Hurray! :)

-What I'm Wearing-

Floral semi-sheer button down - Liz Claiborne - Secondhand - Free
Faded Blue Jeans - St. John's Bay JCPenny - $17
Lilac Tank Top w/ small flowers around the neckline - Christopher & Banks - 98 cents
Black Flats - American Eagle Payless - $10 
Music Clef Earrings - Sterling Silver Kohl's - Free (See how I bought them for free here.)



  1. Awesome earrings!
    I really like your blouse, too. =)

  2. Are you enjoying your new earrings? They're so cute!

  3. Cute outfit; love the earrings!

  4. Cute & casual! Love the musical earrings, too!
    P.S.: Loved getting to "chat" with you yesterday! =)

  5. Thank you everyone! Yes, I'm enjoying my new earrings. :)

    Bess - It was fun to "chat" with you yesterday! :)

  6. Ashley - I need those earrings!!!!!!!!

    ;) They're very pretty, my dear! Happy spring!


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