Friday, April 2, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week - Day 5: "The Cowpoke Polka"

When I woke up today I was in a western mood. So I donned on my western jumper and cowgirl boots. And I'm now played some songs of Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers on my computer. :-)  Good times.

-What I'm Wearing-
Western Print Jumper - OFP Butterick 4513 - Made by me using hand-me-down fabric.
White T-shirt - So Kohl's
Cowgirl Boots - Children's Place
Brown Belt - Maurices

 Here is one of my Senior Pictures, taken by Beth, as it shows the color much better then the above pictures. :^)

I have for y'all a short clip to get you in the western mood. Enjoy!



  1. You didn't. Did you seriously just post a clip of Roy Rogers? How awesome is that?! ha ha I love the photos, so cool having the sun in the background, and your outfit is really cute- total cowgirl. Dale Evans would be proud. ;)

  2. I LOVE that dress, Ashley!! It is ADORABLE!! :-D

  3. that outfit is so cute! i love it :)

  4. Yes I love love love the dress with the belt! Belted dresses are the best!! I am in love with belts! I need to get some more! :)

  5. So lovely. I especially love the jumping picture. :)

  6. Hi Ashley! Have you checked out my blog lately??? You might want to!
    When you get there, (if you don't mind giving me your address) there's something there for you!;)

  7. What a fun look Ashley! And you just gotta love Roy Rogers... ;)

  8. Love the dress! The belt really dresses it up. Fun clip of Roy Rogers! = )

  9. what a lovely skirt! :)


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