Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ruffle Your Tops | Vanilla Bean

 Strawberry Cream

Here is the tutorial for the top I wore yesterday, which I decided to call, Strawberry Cream. Yes, it is named after the Starbucks drink. Yummy. :-) The shirt you will see in this tutorial is one I made for Gabrielle. And as her shirt is a off-white I decided to call hers, Vanilla Bean. :P

Vanilla Bean

 ~What You Will Need~
  • Sewing Pins
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • Old or New Long-sleeved T-shirt

1. Lay out the shirt on a flat surface. 

  2. Fold in half matching seams.

3. Measure up about 12" on the sleeve. You can cut the sleeves to any length you want, but the fabric you cut off will be the fabric you use for the ruffles. :) So, the higher up you cut the more fabric you will have. But don't cut too high! As the sleeve hole comes down lower then on a short-sleeve T-shirt. :D

4. Cut off sleeves (12" up).

5. Open up your shirt.

6. Take the sleeves you cut off and open up the seams.

7.  Lay the opened sleeves on top of each other.

8. Trim the sides to make them straight.

9. At the bottom (where the sleeve is hemmed) measure 1". Cut into strips.

10. Now you should have a whole pile of strips. :)

11. On your sewing machine adjust your stitch to its longest length. For you want to make a bunch of ruffles. You can go to ~Ruffles and Stuff~ for more information on how to make ruffles.

12. Place a strip of fabric in the middle of the sewing foot. Stitch.

13. If needed, scrunch up the ruffles. So they look like this:

14. Take one of the strips and lay it down the middle of the shirt, at the top. Pin. Now you may need to wrestle the little strip down before it stays. LOL. 

15. Repeat.  (After I took this picture I add two more strips.)

16. Sew down the middle of the each strip to secure.

17. Clip your threads. And you are done! You have just made yourself a ruffle shirt. Congratulations! =D

If you have questions, please feel free to ask away!



  1. Great tutorial Ashley! I love how both the shirts came out. Gotta try it myself sometime. :)

  2. This is such a great tutorial! The shirts look great and I will definately be trying this sometime soon!

  3. I saw your link on Tea Rose. Great job and excellent instructions!

  4. Just a tip, if you take out a few stitches in the collar you can tuck the ruffles under and sew it back down giving it a finished edge on the top.


  5. I made my first ruffle shirts using your tutorial! Thanks for posting it, they turned out great!


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