Monday, April 19, 2010

Mini Haul | Earrings and Jeans

This afternoon I went to the mall with my mom and Gabrielle, and we ran into some good sales. Payless is having a buy one get one 1/2 off everything. You can buy a pair of shoes and sunglasses, one of those would be 1/2 off. I didn't get anything at Payless though, as they didn't have any shoes I liked in my size. =)

We also stopped at J.C.Penny were I picked up a pair of jeans for $17 normally $36. My old pair is faded and forming holes on the seams. Not pretty.

In real life the jeans are darker then shown here.

Our last stop was at Claire's. I only have three pairs of earrings and I'm getting tired of wearing the same ones everyday. =) At Claire's they are having a buy 2 get one pair free sale. So of course I bought three pairs. 

And now I have eleven more pairs of earrings. =) I can't wait for when I can wear non-post earrings! For all stores seam to have the same kind of post earrings! I see a need for someone to design unique post earrings. Who is with me?    

There are the sales I discovered while out shopping today.  Oh, The Young Victoria comes out on DVD and on iTunes tomorrow!



  1. I only have one pair of earrings that I regularly wear, and they are posts! (diamonds) I'd love to have a couple other pairs, that are cheaper - I always feel like I'm going to lose these! I love the pearl-like earrings you got! They look lovely!

  2. I just showcased your "Pretty in Pink" polyvore on my blog! =) You did a great job with it!
    In Christian Love,

  3. I love earrings too, and I just got mine pierced for my Birthday last year. I would suggest looking into making earrings. That is a really good way to make unique earrings. I am just starting to do it, but I am loving it so far!


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