Friday, February 26, 2010

Vintage looks for Today....

I love clothing with a vintage flair. Anything from....well any time period is fine with me, so long as it isn't over done. I thought it would be fun to recreate some vintage inspired looks for today. I warn you that some of the pieces I used are expensive, so for those just look for cheaper versions. That is, if you if you want to recreate the look. =)

A 1950s Dior look for Today

A classic look of the "little black dress". Pair your black fabulous dress with some great heels. Add a layer pearl necklace and silver jewelry accents.  For a more vintage look add gloves!  

Purple Spring

Floral shift dress, t-strap heels, unique headband, over-sized shades,  layered necklace, plus don't forget your clutch. And you are on your way to a vintage style that can look oh, so modern.

A Girl with a Bicycle

For the Summer wear a nice summer dress with heels. Add a large handbag and your handy shades to block the sun out of yours eyes. For you don't want to be blinded in such a stylish outfit!

Grace Kelly - Style 1

Pair a simple skirt with a top full of ruffles. Add flats that have a statement to them, pearl earrings, layered necklace, light-weight silky scarf, and a nice handbag.  

Baby Blue - Audrey Hepburn

Belt your sundress, add a brooch, romantic looking earrings, heels or flats. And don't forget a statement necklace!  



  1. that is so cute! The green one with the bicycle and the baby blue are my favorite!

  2. Vintage is so cute! I love "Grace Kelly-style 1" in particular :)

  3. I absolutly adore the 3rd ensemble Ashley!!! Its so cute and elegant at the same time! I would love to make a summer dress with the straps having the button tabs like that sometime! thanks for the inspiration! :) God bless and I miss you girl!

  4. Chic! Vintage finds & inspiration are so wonderful. I love seeing more of your fabulous Polyvores (that's something I'd like to see more of - even though they're comprised of pricey goods, it's nice to dream & be inspired to find the "look for less"). I'd like to see some more tutorials, fashion-y things (like what you wear, etc.). I love your blog!

  5. I'm glad you all found this inspiring!

    Miss you too Rebecca! *hugs*

  6. Ashley, you have such a knack for putting these great collages together. I love them!! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a very blessed Christmas!
    love, Apphia

    Ps. I just can't choose a favorite - they are all smashing! {hugs}

  7. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!


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