Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nancy Drew's Style

We had a reader request a Nancy Dress post and I thought, "why not? I love Nancy's style!" So here we are, a post dedicated to the style of Nancy Drew. =) 

First off, I will give examples of what Nancy would wear in the original books c.1930s -1940s. I'll also share Nancy's style in the old black & white movies with Bonita Granvielle. 

If you have never seen the old Nancy Drew movies with Bonita Granvielle, may I highly recommend them to you! True, they are not like the books, but they hold the spirit of Nancy Drew and they are clean family-friendly movies. You can watch and download Nancy Drew: Reporter at Internet Archive, as it is in the public domain. The other Nancy Drew movies can be seen sometimes on TCM, or you can buy them on DVD

Nancy's Stye in the Books:

The Secret of the Old Clock

The Clue in the Diary

The above sets show some examples on how you can dress Drew's style today.  Wear classic looking skirts with blouses or nicer type of shirts. Do pair it with kitten heels and a nice cloche. As Nancy would surely approve. 

Nancy's Style in the Old Movies:

Nancy Drew - Reporter

In the movies Nancy wore blouses with bows, skirts, dresses, full slacks, fedoras, wedges, cardigans, and jackets.  All in all, Nancy has a very classic look.

Nancy Drew

The two sets above I made on Powerpoint last year. These capture more Nancy's style in the movies, then the books. 

Screen-caps from the movies for more inspiration:


I hope you all found this helpful to create your own Nancy Drew look. :) 


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love this literary heroine and her style! Did I say, thank you?

  2. Your welcome, Bess! I had fun doing it! :)

  3. What about the newer Nancy Drew movie? She has interesting clothes in that version, too. :)

  4. I haven't seen that version, only the old ones. I should look for some pictures though. :)

  5. haven't seen the movies - but I love the clothes! What great retro inspiration!

  6. I haven't seen any Nancy Drew, but I liked the books I've read, and I like the costumes and such that you posted. :)

  7. That was so cool! I loved the last two sets- especially the dresses. I appreciate the way you also include acessories and shoes, as well. Sometimes I get stuck on those things. :)


  8. That is really cool! I never noticed Nancy Drew's style before. Although when I was younger I loved reading the books. I have to admit though that the Hardy Boys books were my favorite. :D
    I really like the styles you have here. I'm quite pleasantly surprised by them. . . and inspired to incorporate some of the look into my own wardrobe.
    Thank you!

  9. Wow! Love this! Thanks so-o-o much! I have always been a huge fan of Nancy Drew, and her style. One idea, try doing a post of the outfits in the 2007 movie! She has awesome coats and dresses in that movie.

  10. In a way, Nancy's style kinda reminds me of your style! I love your style! it's just AMAZING!


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