Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Me and Jo March

Growing up I was always a little tom-boyish. I enjoyed climbing trees, playing all sorts of sports. But, I also enjoyed reading through mountains of books, crocheting, sewing, cooking, and doing just about every craft there was. And I still enjoy doing all of these things.

With my two younger sisters, there are now four girls and one boy total, we would put on plays or sing in our singing group called, The Step Sisters because we all stood a head above each other. Besides singing and acting, I would also write and illustrate stories. My best stories being inspired by  Thornton Burgess, Brambly Hedge, and Curious George.

Today I'm more like how Jo was in New York - sewing and writing. Maybe I don't write as many stories as before. Instead I do something different - blog posts. Though once and awhile I write a story or two. ;-)

I didn't read Little Woman until I was 16. But after I first read it I fell in love with the March sisters. Since then I have read it several times, and learning something new each time.


  1. Ashley I love your post! I did not read Little women myself until this year!! I have always loved the 1952 version of the movie though! My sister and I just like Amy and Beth! But then again I am not that much like Amy. But I do love to be dressed up! :)

    I want to see more pictures of your civil war dress!!! Post them soon!!!

  2. Hi Rebecca!
    Here are more pictures of my "Jo March" dress.



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