Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DIY | Shabby Chic T-Shirt

For some reason, when ever I get sick I get very inspired in all things creative! Sickness cranks up my creative juices, I guess. :P 

While I was sick in bed I was glancing through the magazine Belle Armoire, a delightful and inspiring magazine. I stumbled across an article by Bonzie that I had forgotten about, on taking plain t-shirts or tanks and changing them into something more creative. :)

A picture from the article by Bonzie.

Today I was feeling much better, and I have three old shirts were the sleeves had shrunk on me. So I decided to give the article a try. Here is my result. All I need was a little rick-rack, bias-tape, a fabric flower, a button, some ruffles and I have a one-of-a-kind t-shirt. Hurray!

My shirt started out as a regular turtleneck. As you can see above.

Step 1. Cut off the turtleneck part.

Step 2. Do what ever you want with the sleeves. I cut my sleeves a couple inches above my elbow.

Step 3. Do what ever you want to the neckline. I made mine into a v-neck, and added bias-tape around the neckline.

Step 4. Embellish in any way you want!  I added some ruffles, a flower, rick-rack from London, and a button. :D

The Finished Result



  1. That is so adorable Ashley! What a great idea! Yes when I am sick I get to do things I always wanted to do as well. Love your creativity!

  2. Oh my WORD, Ashley, that is AMAZING!!! How do you do that??? Where do you get this creativity?? I'm ready to turn some of my turtlenecks into interesting shirts now. :P

  3. Ashley, that is AMAZING!!! I can't believe your creativity... if I tried that, it would LOOK like I TRIED... :-P Very good job!!

  4. I LOVE it!! :D :D Make me one. :P


  5. That is so neat! Maybe I'll try it. A great idea for recycling and going green!

  6. This is lovely! I adore all the ruffles! I have it featured on my sidebar today!


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