Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I'm Wearing- Gabrielle Renee

Hello everyone! Here is my "What I'm Wearing" on November 10, 2009. 

 ~What I'm Wearing~
Skirt- Made by me
Black Sweater- Given to me
Black Shirt- Talbots
Black Belt- Ashley's, she bought it at J. C. Penny's


  1. I love your skirt Gabrielle!! I love plaids! is it wool? I just got a skirt a few weeks ago thrifted of course and I altered it to fit myself. It is a brown, white, and red plaid. Love the belt that pulls it all togeather! Yes thats what sisters are for right? borrowing clothing and accesories! My sister and I also that a lot! she is borrowing my layering t shirt today.

  2. ohh....I want a plaid skirt now! I found one at a thrift store, unfortunantly, it didn't fit! I love your outfit! So cute and modest! Both hard to find these days!

  3. Rebecca- Actually I do not know if it is wool! :P My younger sister gave it to me... I hope you share pictures of your skirt!! And, yes, that is what sisters are for! :P But they also come in handy for other things... :D

    Natasha- I'm glad you like it! :) That is to bad about the plaid skirt. :( I LOVE plaid!!!!!!! :D



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