Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I'm Wearing Today - Ashley Nicole

My sister and I decided we would try to do a "What I'm Wearing" post at least once a week. At least that's what we are going to aim for. :P This way it would give you the readers, ideas for different outfits. I know we enjoy seeing what others wear for new ideas and inspiration. :-)

What I'm Wearing



 Dress - April Cornell
 Crimson Scarf - from Portobello Road, London
Jean Jacket - JCPenny's
Black Boots - Bass



  1. Love your dress ashley! I also love denim jackets that are fited! A great pulled togeather look and of course a scarf from portobello road! I am wearing my shawl today from the store that was near the fan museum! I love my shawl and 2 scarves from there!

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! Don't you just love wearing everything you bought in England!?! I know I do. :)

  3. Yes I just love wearing my scarves and getting to say they are from London! wow thats fun!

    Yes I wore my fitted denim jacket which I had not worn for a while this week from your post as my inspiration. I will be wearing it again tomorrow! thanks for these inspirational posts!


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