Saturday, November 14, 2009

We Have Been Tagged!

We have both always wanted to do a tag! And guess what?! We were tagged by "Marianne" and "Elinor" over at Hooks and Needles.

The rules are to tell seven things about ourselves.

Ashley Nicole's seven things:

1. I'm a Christian!
2. I have tried many crafts and hobbies over the years. Sewing is my favorite! :-)
3. I LOVE to study His-story (history)! With my favorite eras to study being: American Civil War, American Revolution, Reformation, and the Middle Ages.
4. Chai is my favorite hot drink. I strongly dislike coffee!
5. I have been sewing clothing for 3 years.
6. Right now my favorite movies are: The Widow's Might, Meet John Doe, Emma 2009, and Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon. 
7. When I was younger I wanted to be a figure skater like Michelle Kwan and Sasha Cohen. =)

Gabrielle Renee's seven things:

1)    I am a Christian!!
2)   Last night I saw “The Widow’s Might” for the first time and LOVED it! It may be one of my favorite movies…
3)    My favorite book characters are: Mr. Travilla (Elsie Dinsmore), Mr. Knightly (Emma), and Capt. Levis Raymond (later Elsie Dinsmore books). Molly Gibson (Wives & Daughters), Fanny Price (Mansfield Park), and Lulu Raymond (later Elsie Dinsmore books).
4)    I like sword fighting. :P
5)    I’ve always wanted to learn archery.
6)    I am not a good conversationalist! I wish I was…
7)   I have a fear of mice!! Funny that Reepicheep is my favorite Narnian… :P

We tag Emma & Johanna at A Banner of Crimson.
Amanda at AmandaBeth Online.
Beth at The Ripple Effects.
And Vineeta at Song of the Stars.


  1. AH! Elsie Dinsmore fan!!!!

    I haven't read any of those in ages! And unfortunatley I never got my hands on many, but I have the doll, and I still love dressing her up!


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