Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Fashion

With Thanksgiving coming up, you must be pondering on what you should wear!? Well, I am. Thanksgiving is a day spent with family and friends, lots of yummy food, and maybe some football. :-) I love the holidays! And I'm always planning weeks, or months, in advance on what I'm going to wear for the holidays. :P

I have put together some ideas for you on what YOU can wear for Thanksgiving. I haven't decided yet on what I'll wear for Thanksgiving. Though, I may take my own advice. :-) (I only have my Christmas outfit planned out. :p)

You can easily change the skirt for jeans, or black slacks. I was having fun discovering all these cute skirts to add those in. You see, black is one of my favorite colors for clothing - in a classy vintage way. :-) 

What are YOU planning on wearing for Thanksgiving? Maybe YOU will give me ideas on what I should wear. :-)


  1. I like the green top!

    I am feeling the need to update my wardrobe a little. I have to guard from letting it become an obsession! :-)

  2. Cool ideas; I really like those blouses, especially the blue & green ones!!!

  3. Love it !! And here is some more thanksgiving inspiration:



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