Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bramblewood Fashion Recives an Award!

Hello everyone! Once again Bramblewood Fashion has been tagged/awarded! :)

Thanks to "Modest Blends" for giving us the award. I am supposed to blog seven unknown things (or thing you all don't know) about Me. So, without further ado!

1. I've gone to "Black Friday" sales at Joann Fabrics for as long as I can remember!
2. I LOVE, LOVE "The Sound of Music" (!) and the clothes! ;)
3. I am learning to play the piano and guitar.
4. Keeping in line with the "Sound of Music" at one point I had ALL the songs memorized and could sing them all.
5. This is the embarrassing one... I use to NOT like sewing!!!! :P
6. I've always wanted to act in a movie.
7. I did not grow a inch for two years! I am now 5'4"! I know, all you tall girls are laughing at me. :P

Now, for tagging people (my favorite part) 
I tag Olivia at "Working with Eager Hands" because I LOVE her style and she always encourages me to try something new and different! :) 
I tag Jessica at "Seasons of a Heart" because I like reading her blog. 
And finial I tag Jasmine Baucham at "Joyfully Home". Her blog is excellent and I would really recommend checking it out! ;)


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