Friday, November 6, 2009

"Anna" - My New Formal

Next week today, I have a banquet to attend and I dearly want a new formal. So my solution is to make one with only the supplies I have on hand. :-) That's not very hard as I happen to have some lovely pale pink crepe on hand, bought on clearance at Jo-Anns last year for $2 yd. I also have some pink and white tulle that may be good for a little peak-a-boo at the hem. What do you think? 


My inspiration for my dress is from one that Anna Popplewell, wore to the Prince Caspian premiere in Slovenia.

Is it not a beautiful dress?!? I love the bow and sash around the waist. I'm hoping to copy that feature on my dress, but we'll see.

::My Copy::

My dress is going to be pale pink, with the peak-a-boo (whatever you call it) at the hem. And possibly the bow and sash, I don't know what color right now. :-)

Here is a picture of what I'm sort of talking about for the hem, Anna's dress from the Prince Caspian premiere in Paris.

 Do you see what I'm talking about now? I'm thinking on attaching a wide strip of tulle on a petticoat underneath the dress, gathered of course, to peek out below. :-)


I'm planning on using M5882 for the bodice. While for skirt, I'm just going to wing it with a half circle skirt that I'll draft myself.

For warmth, as it is sleeveless, I'll either wear my cream cardigan or white bolero jacket. And I'll accessorize with a pearl necklace or large cameo necklace, my bracelet from Amanda, black heels and clutch, and possibly some white vintage gloves. Plus, style my hair in curls that are loose and down, or maybe I'll put it up. And I'm good to go!


Coming soon! Pictures of several sewing projects I've had going on over the past few weeks, late 30s early 40s old Hollywood inspired jeans and a Maid Marian inspired dress. I'm hoping to get some pictures taken sometime today or this week-end. :)


Anna Popplewell pictures from:


  1. ooh! that's a gorgeous dress! I can't wait to see how yours turns out! *Mumbles: because I might have to make one myself*

  2. WOW! I just love that dress! I agree it's stunning. :-)

  3. Oh I love the inspiration and your version sounds great! Can't wait to see pictures! Miss you Ashley and God bless! I have posted pictures on my xanga from the trip as well.

  4. Thanks ladies! Today I drafted the skirt pattern. Slowly, but surely I'm making progress. :)

    I miss you too, Rebecca! May God bless you and guide you closer to HIM. ::hugs::


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