Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anna Popplewell Inspired Formal Finished!

Yesterday afternoon I finished "Anna" just in time for the banquet that evening. :-)


::My Version::


I used M5882 for the bodice and just drafted my own pattern for the cumberband (sash) and circle skirt.

The dress went together pretty well. I'm just wondering on why, oh why, I keep doing very full circle skirts on all of my formals! I keep saying I won't do another one as I don't like hemming the full skirt. :-) I think, I keep doing it because the full circle skirt flatters me. ;) 

What I'm  Wearing:
"Anna" - made by me. ;)
Cameo necklace - from Portobello Road, London
Bracelet  - from Amanda
White Sweater - IZOD
Black Wedges - Xhilaration from Target
*not pictured* Black "clutch" - given to me 


  1. Very nice! :) (I agree, I DO NOT like to hem full circle skirts; the last time - only time - I made one, I had my mom hem it for me. :P)

  2. It turned out great!! :-D You look wonderful!! :-D

  3. So lovely! I have to say, I like your dress better than Anne Popwell(SPelling??) So much more modest than hers. You did a great job!

  4. Yes it turned out beautiful Ashley! Such a great outfit! Your sewing skills are amazing! Now I really want to start on that pile of modern fabric for myself! I have a quilt and a civil war coat to finish this week first!

  5. Gabriella, I've tagged you. You can visit my Modest Blends blog to find out about the tag and blog award.

  6. AAHH!! Narnia!~Heaven Lee


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