Saturday, October 17, 2009

DIY | Turn Your Old Jeans into a Skirt

Have you ever wanted a jean skirt, but could never find one you liked in the stores or, one at all?!? Well, I have struggled with that problem since I outgrew my old jean skirt.  :) My solution was to turn a pair of my very old jeans into a skirt. Problem solved.

This skirt is very simple and easy to make. It only took me about 15 minutes to whip up this skirt. Plus, I added two fun trims, brown bias tape for the hem and cotton lace for the insert in the front.

I got the idea on how to make the skirt here:



  1. I've heard of people doing this and it's a good way to recycle your clothing. Oh, thank you for following the Modest Blends blog. If you'd like, feel free to stop by my personal blog (Footprints in the Sand.) Have a great day!

    ~Elizabeth J.

  2. Thank you for following Footprints in the Sand!

  3. Hi, Ashley - I'm Melanie A/Elinor Dashwood's older sister. She recommended me to look at your blog, so I finally have. :)

    This skirt of yours is amazing!! :P So cute and creative. :)


  4. Thank you for this wonderful post, and thank you for be apart of the Feelin' Feminine blogroll. This article has been selected for our Bosom Friends column this month! You can find it here

  5. It looks like you did the "two panel" method, rather than 4 panels. I have an abundance of jean skirts, but I may just have to do this so I have a shorter skirt to wear with boots. Thanks!


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