Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What I Wore ❘❘ Plum Corduroy and Cream Lace...

May I introduce to you my latest creation? A corduroy skirt in plum purple (which is "in" fashion this year, and I LOVE it!), decorated with cream lace at the hem.

I must say, that I'm quite proud of it! Though, I can't take all the credit as Gabrielle, my sister, came up with the idea of adding lace. It really takes the skirt from plain and sensible to pretty and fun! :-)

The pattern I used is Butterick  3134, view C with changes. I only used the skirt pattern piece and I placed it on the fold, so there is only two seams instead of four. =) I didn't use the waistband pattern piece.


Pictures: Taken by my dear sister, Gabrielle.


  1. I LOVE it, Ashley!


  2. Wow, we both made the same changes when we made this pattern! haha. ;D I LOVE that pattern (with the changes, of course) and your lace touch is adorable!

    I like the color a lot too. :D

  3. Thank you girls!

    Olivia - OH MY!!! That is so funny that we made the same changes! =D


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