Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I Wore | Modern Maid Marian - Take One

Today I put together a Modern Maid Marian outfit for me to wear. I combined Marian's love of Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood, with her life in the castle which is more feminine.

What I'm Wearing:

 Cream Ruffle Tank-top - Gap
White long-sleeve T-shirt - Gap
Moleskin Vest - Made by me for this event
Green Pendent Necklace - 1928 Jewelry Kohls
Jeans - St. Johns Bay JCPenny
Black Boots with buckles - Bass

  I believe the ruffles and necklace show Marian's feminine side. While the vest and boots remind us of her more rustic, Sherwood Forest side.

Simplicity 2556 - Maid Marian Vest

For my vest, I used view A. Except for my version, I didn't add the lining. Shh! Don't tell anyone. Instead, I used the serger to finish the insides, so it won't fray.

I used brown moleskin for the vest, which works great! This is the same fabric I used for my Nightwatchman mask.


  1. Love it! The tank over the tee is a great idea and the vest came out so cute! A great outfit! :)

  2. I like that outfit! Looks good on you. I love the boots and vest!


  3. This is neat! :) I made a Lady Marian vest sort of thing once out of red corduroy. I didn't use a pattern so it's slightly silly looking, but it was fun to make! ;)


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