Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Introduction and A Bag

Hello! My name is Gabrielle RenĂ©e and I am the younger sister of Ashley Nicole. I am going to be her co-author of this blog and hope to bring you inspiration to dress modestly and femininely. I share my sister’s love for modest, feminine, fashionable clothes; however my style will often differ from hers so you will not see too much of the same… ;) At 15 years of age and a home-schooled junior in high-school, my interests are vast. They include: piano, guitar, modest and feminine dress, history, fashion design, photography, school (yes, you read that right.), writing, reading, art… In all that I do I hope to glorify God! Soli Deo Gloria!


In the beginning of October I was suddenly inspired to sew a bag that I could use when I had to carry around all my notebooks... There was one problem in doing this- I did not have any pattern to use! So I set to making my own. ;) I am very pleased with the final result! It works perfectly! I already had plenty of scraps so I did not have to buy any fabric! ;)

For decoration I added lace and some delightful "Festive Posies". I LOVE Marie-Madeline Studio's posies!! 

Here is Ashley sporting my bag.


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In Christ,
~Ashley & Gabrielle


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