Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Snapshot of what I have bought so far while in London...

Here is a snapshot of what I have bought so far on the trip. ;-)

Antique lace and trim, vintage silk skirt/tunic, red scarf, cameo necklace and key chain, "The Tudor Tailor", a 1950s London life/fashion book, Janet Arnold book (the one that came out, I believe last fall. Number 4.), rick rack...Fun stuff! 


  1. Looks delicious! (Anne of Green Gables) I love the colors!!


  2. *Gasp* Oh, the skirt/tunic looks so pretty! And I love the red scarf! That necklace look positively gorgeous, three cheers for cameos! The lace looks like an antique, but I love antiques!
    Hm, the book covers look interesting, can't wait till you back! And is that red rick rack I see?!?
    ~ Hanne-col


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