Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 5 - Kensington Palace, Tea at the Orangery, Museum of London, Fortnum & Mason's...

Tuesday, September 15th - "Rain, Rain, Rain"...Can you guess the weather for today? Yep, it rained and it poured. I rest assure you that the rain didn't damper our fun for today. In the morning we toured Kensington Palace, the home of young Queen Victoria. *sighs*  Of course, you are all simply dieing for pictures! :-) Thanks to the change in the policy of taking pictures inside the palace I do have some (before this change, you were unable to take any pictures inside).

Sunken garden and Kensington Palace

The Orangery

Sewing supplies from the Dressmakers Room

AH!!! Look at all of the embroidery thread! The colors! The selections! :-)

Some pretty lace...

Princess Di's dress

More of Princess Di's dresses

Plus some more...

And still one more.
Ah! My favorite section...The Last Debutantes section (1950s)!

I really like the color and draping details of this dress!

This one came out blurry.



See the green shoes? A girl dyed them to match her dress for the debutant party in the 50s.

Vintage Vogue Pattern Books. I would love to have the chance to look through these!

Vintage Vogue glove pattern and gloves.

Part of the palace

Queen Victoria's Bedroom

Court Dress

Ladies Court Dress

Staircase in Kensington Palace

Tea Table Settings at the Orangery

Part of the Tea Room

Our First Course - Smoked salmon with cabbage and mandarin oranges

Our guest speaker, Cathy Hay of Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Cassie trying on Cathy's show-and-tell outfit.

After tea we all headed over to the Museum of London, were we saw some breathtaking things! I can't share with you any of the pictures because of copyright reasons. I will tell you what we saw, a lovely pair of light blue stays and light blue shoes. A 1780s Gown, 1820s coat (I forgot the real name), and a drool worthy, jaw-dropping Edwardian gown with seas of foamy lace. :-) Can you tell I like the Edwardian Gown? ;-)

After the museum Katrina, my mom, and I went to Fortnum & Mason. My mom and I wanted to see the place as it was founded in 1707 and Katrina wanted to buy some Turkish Delight for her brother. During this past current week, I have been wishing I bought some too, as we have become huge Narnia fans! Reading and listening to the Focus on the Family Radio Drama of all of the books in one week. :-)

I will close with my snack for the evening: Organic Whole Milk & Belgian Chocolate Cake w/chocolate frosting and white chocolate rolls on top. Yummy!



  1. Ah, it looks so fun! The sunken garden looks absolutely beautiful, and just from the pictures I don't blame you that The Last Debutantes section was you're favorite, gorgeous.
    That ladies court dress is, breathtaking. So pretty!
    That chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting looks delicious.
    ~ Hanne-col

  2. *dreamy sighs* How FUN!!!!
    I like a lot of those dresses. Very pretty! :-)
    Thanks for posting. :-)

  3. Hello!
    Just visited your site and what LOVELY pictures! I love the dresses!
    Emily Anne

  4. Ohhhhh I love the first of Princess Di's dresses, the pale pink w/ the cross neckline... And the one with the yellow roses... And sparkly fancy yellow one. I dream of getting to wear a formal someday, these are total eye candy for me: http://www.totallymodest.com/pGabrielle.html

    They are all soooo gorgeous. And soooo expensive :) I guess I will keep dreaming!

  5. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh--you are so so SO lucky! To think that was the bedroom Victoria slept in and those were the stairs she couldn't walk up without holding the hand of an adult..............


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