Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 3 - Our Sunday in London (Metropolitan Tabernacle & Imperial War Museum)

Sunday, September 13th - A group of us went to Metropolitan Tabernacle (home to the famous 19th-century preacher, Charles Spurgeon) in the morning for church. After church my mom and I went to the Imperial War Museum, which was great! I took a lot of pictures of the children clothing from WWII. I'll share some of my favorites. 


After we were done with the Imperial War Museum we walked to the Westminster area. It was delightful to see The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben or Bell Tower, Westminster Abby, Oliver Cromwell Statue, etc...


After we were done walking around Westminster we hopped on the tube for our hotel. Once we arrived at our hotel, we rested for a few minutes before heading out once again. We decided that we would walked to Kensington High Street to peek into Laura Ashley and Monsoon.

I saw several cute coats/jackets in Monsoon, many which I would love to recreate.

I would LOVE to copy this coat. It has tuck pleats, rick-rack, and other lovely accents.

In Laura Ashley I saw many delightful things. Dress and skirts (which were below my knee), tops and blouses, and many coats! I saw so many coats that I loved on the trip, that they could fill a closet! Oh my!

After we were done window shopping, we headed over to Kensington Gardens. We walked by several things of intrest.

Kensington Palace & Queen Victoria Statue

Peter Pan Statue

Some Mallard Ducks

Albert Memorial
 Entrance to the Park

Royal Albert Hall

 Kensington Gardens

Red Phone Booth

A side street in Kensington

Another View of the Same street

Still another view...

Oh, the street name is, Queen's Gate Terrace. :-)

After all that walking we were done for the day. Our feet hurt by the end of the day and the pain lasted all the way till we got home on Thursday. :-(

I have only two more days to post about. My that trip went by fast!

Till next time!


  1. Delightful! :-D

    I wonder if you saw any of my English cousins at any time while you were there! (Not likely, but maybe! They do live in London.)

  2. Ah, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, and I just love that Kensington street. And oh, that red telephone booth, lovely.



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