Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 2 - Shakespeare Globe & Shopping in Portobello Road Market

Saturday, September 12, 2009 - In the morning we went on a tour of the Shakespeare Globe, which was so  much fun! I was able to see costumes from Shakespeare plays up-close. I have some really good pictures for you'll to see. After the tour some of girls stayed for the first costume demonstration of "Ophelia". Which was really neat; one of the girls from the tour was the model. Once we were done a bunch of us girls went with Amanda and her Aunt Cari to Portobello Road Market.

On the way to Portobello we couldn't at first find the right bus stop. On the way to the correct bus stop we lost three girls from our group. We finally arrived at the market, which was busy and loaded with some goodies! (We did bump into the three missing girls at the market, which was wonderful!) I found this lovely silk panel skirt/dress (instead as wearing it as a dress, I'll wear it as a tunic with jeans) that is made out of vintage silk for 32 pounds. It is so pretty and it goes with my new orange scarf and brown belt! Hurray!!! I also picked up a deep red scarf for 2 pounds & 95 pence. Oh, and a large cameo necklace for 6 pounds. I'll have to do a fashion shoot when I get back home of my new things. ;-)

After Portobello Market we tried to head over to Marylebone, but we got lost in the Paddington area after 5:00 PM. Me and my mom were glad we were with a group lost, instead of by ourselves. We did finally make it over to Marylebone late at night and all the shops were closed. Very sad as there were shops I wanted to visit in that area.

I don't have pictures of the shopping area. But I do of the Shakespeare Globe.

  Outside the Shakespeare Globe

The Stage, "All the world is a stage" - As You Like It

Another view of the stage

Some of the seating area

Part of the group listening to our tour guide named Kitty. :-) (Think Pride & Prejudice)

Timeline mural

A costume for a play

Undergarments for a lady

Another costume

A picture of the Fish & Chips and wait for it, mashed peas with the fish itself. My mom and I didn't have any. :-) The look on Molly's face was so funny when she opened her box of food. Cari spilled some on her jeans and the ground when she open her box of food. 
I'll talk to all later!


  1. Ah, simply delightful, my dear fellow! You must have had a jolly good time of it! I shall look forward most eagerly to seeing your purchases!!Perhaps you might be so good as to post some pictures? *hint hint*

    Oh dear! Peas all mashed up, did you say? In your fish too!!! I am sure you long for some good American food, eh? I just had some French fries :P ... Well, I shall look forward to seeing you once again!


  2. I enjoyed the pictures, Ashley! Truly scrumptious photos!


  3. Ah... looks most delightfully fun. Your purchases sound perfectly lovely, and in all I cannot wait to hear more.

    ~ Hanne-col

  4. You are in England with Mrs. Jennie Chancey! What a coincidence! She took me earlier this march so she could get everything in order for the trip. I noticed all the exact places you went that I did and two of my friends are in the third picture. Lindsay Keen and Ana Smith. The only place we didn't go is the theatre. It looks really great! I hope you have fun.


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